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African Music Publishing - The World´s Leading African Music Publisher
African Music Publishing is an independent global African copyright licensing & copyright administration organization founded in 2008. Purpose is to help African Musicians, Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Poets, and copyright owners to generate more in
Learn to Dance with Forrest Vance
Online dance lessons, videos, events, infos & more. Hosted by dancing legend Forrest Vance.




Artist Profiles: Deborshee Bhattacharjee
Deborshee Bhattacharjee is a very promising musician of this age. Born into a musical family, Deborshee was introduced to music by his mother, Smt. Reena Bhattacharjee. Since the age of ten, he has been undergoing training from the maestro Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty He has been awarded the West Bengal State Music Academy award in both … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Deborshee Bhattacharjee


Artist Profiles: Debasish Chaudhuri
Debasish Chaudhuri is a promising and acclaimed tabla player from Kolkata, India currently based in Los Angeles, USA. He began learning tabla (Indian hand percussion) from the age of five from late Pandit Nanku Maharaj of Benaras and subsequently from late Pandit Kanai Dutta of the Farukkabad gharana. For more than thirty years, Debasish has … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Debasish Chaudhuri


Artist Profiles: Bhoomi
Bhoomi (translation: earth), a musical band from Kolkata (Calcutta), is a group of five music lovers. The band was formed in 1997, with the aim of reviving the folk music of Bengal and making it popular among all sections of the society by providing it an urban touch. It is the only band which defines … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Bhoomi


Artist Profiles: Deepak Mehta
Tabla Exponent A tabla virtuoso from Delhi Gharana, Yuva Ratna Deepak Mehta (born May 28, 1982) did not grow up in a family of musicians. Initially self-trained, he was spotted by his class teacher at the age of six. At that time, he began playing his first percussion instrument, the bongo, followed by congas Since … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Deepak Mehta


Artist Profiles: Dhruba Ghosh
Dhruba Ghosh was partly responsible for the renaissance of the sarangi in India. He was renowned for bringing out the sinuous and haunting melodic nature of the instrument and developed new techniques to extend the sarangi’s range of sounds. Dhruba toured the world extensively and worked with musicians from a variety of genres including western … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Dhruba Ghosh


Artist Profiles: Deepak Ram
Deepak Ram is a highly gifted musician with a firm foundation in the traditions of North Indian classical music, as well as an inspired versatility ? straddling and ultimately doing away with the boundary that once divided East from West ? that makes each of his projects uniquely his own. At a young age, Deepak … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Deepak Ram


Captivating and Stylish Opium Moon
Opium Moon – Opium Moon (Be Why, 2018) Descriptors like enchanting, elegant and hypnotic just don’t seem to do justice to Be Why Music’s recent self-titled release of Opium Moon. It is indeed enchanting, elegant and hypnotic, but it’s more. Surely, this is the music drunk bees must hear lolling inside a flower, captives to … Continue reading Captivating and Stylish Opium Moon


Invigorating Cross-Genre Expressions by Kiran Ahluwalia
Kiran Ahluwalia ? 7 billion (Kiran Music, 2018) Composer and vocalist Kiran Ahluwalia is an explorer and innovator in the field of modern Indian music. On her 6-track album 7 Billion she incorporates the energy of electric guitar, organ and bass, along with drum set, tabla and global percussion. 7 billion is progressive world fusion, … Continue reading Invigorating Cross-Genre Expressions by Kiran Ahluwalia


The Winds and Echoes of the Andes
Los Ruphay ? A Cry For Revolution< - Earth Healing Music from Bolivia (ARC Records EUCD2795, 2018) It’s a 50th anniversary album for the band. They’re not as old as the Rolling Stones, but they’re older than the Internet, and they owe nothing to either. This is music that percolated through relative isolation, part Inca … Continue reading The Winds and Echoes of the Andes


Soweto Gospel Choir to Celebrate Nelson Mandela?s Centennial July 18th with A Song From Their Upcoming Album Freedom
On September 14, 2018 Soweto Gospel Choir will release its sixth Shanachie Entertainment recording, Freedom, a collection of freedom songs from South Africa and beyond, marking the Centennial of Nelson Mandela’s birth. Soweto Gospel Choir Music Director Diniloxolo Ndlakuse said, “The significance of Nelson Mandela’s 100th commemoration to South Africans is, firstly and foremost a … Continue reading Soweto Gospel Choir to Celebrate Nelson Mandela’s Centennial July 18th with A Song From Their Upcoming Album Freedom

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