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Trump Tight Mixtapes & Music
Selling hot albums and mixes on high quality cd-rīs, with covers and labels. Featuring albums with Three 6 Mafia, Cash Money, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Snoop, and more hot artists. Also, a bargain bin of used cdīs and dvdīs, and hip hop forum.
Turntable Lab
A www-store selling everything from 1200īs to rare DJ videos and promo-only singles.
Ubiquity Records
An online record store from San Francisco selling rare vinyl.
UE Store
UE Store is an online store offering quality hip hop products from artists in San Diego and Southern California. Products includes CDs, albums, clothing and vinyl.
Undaground Records and Tapes
East2WestRecords is an Ebay-store specializing in hard to find rap music and out-of-print CDs, tapes, and vinyl records.
Undaground Science
Online record store based in Miami Fl. All you need in independent hip hop
Underground Hip Hop dot com
A popular site slowly turning into a full-blown online record store. Features a good selection of Real audio tracks, video, and interviews.
Underground Hip Hop dot com - The Official Home Of Underground Hip Hop
CDīs vinyl singles for sale, free radio streaming, Top 40 and new releases.
Underground Mail Order
Underground Mail Order - The best in new, old school and classic hip hop along with the best in Soul, Jazz, Funk, Dub, Second hand Vinyl and CDs.
Underground Science
Underground Science is an online store from Miami, Florida, specializing in underground hip hop and rap releases on vinyl and CDs.
Upstairs Records
Hip-hop music with online ordering.
Upstairs Records
A all-around music store from Brooklyn, NY, selling records, videos, music equipment, T-shirts and other merchandise.
Urban Anthem Records
A store from Massachusetts, US, serving the vinyl needs of hip hop DJs and collectors alike. They deal in both 12
Vinyl Connect
An online record shop based in NYC, selling vinyl, CDs, t-shirts, books, etc. This site also features reviews, interviews, articles, and an active discussion forum.
Vinyl Elements
A hip hop record store selling vinyl ranging from indie material to mainstream hits.
Vinyl Fever
A Florida vinyl/CD -outlet with store locations in Tampa and Tallahassee.
Vinyl Underground
Online record shop based in Northampton, England. Dealing in new and used vinyl covering many musical genres such as hip hop, trip hop, funk, disco, house. Real Audio samples on many records available. Catalogue updated daily.
A record store from Heidelberg, Germany, specializing in new & 2nd hand vinyl records.
Vinylkingz Records
A mailorder store from Frankfurt, Germany, carrying US, UK, French and German hip hop on both CD and vinyl.
Offers hip-hop, funk, soul, and jazz.
ViP Records
A recordstore from Freehold, New Jersey, specializing in old school & current hiphop. They carry vinyl, CDs, tapes, DJ equipment and clothing.
Wax Express
Wax Express is a French online retail store for hip hop and rap CDs, vinyl records, tapes, DVDs, and VHS video. [in French]
We Nod Records
A hip hop record store from Tokyo, Japan. They sell CDs, vinyl, tapes, DVD & video, magazines etc.

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