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#StayHomeDisco DJ Rocca Mix March 2020
DJing under lockdown with Italy's eclectic master DJ Rocca.


#StayHomeDisco Ben Gomori: On an '80s Vibe Mix
DJing under lockdown: New mix from Ben Gomori aka G. Markus on an '80s vibe.


#StayHomeDisco DJ Empress Empowercast Mix
DJing under lockdown - DJ Empress with a 4 deck Drum&Bass set.


#StayHomeDisco Andrew Emil (Deep Club Podcast #39)
DJing Under Lockdown with Chicago's Andrew Emil aka Change Request.


#StayHomeDisco Peter Croce Live at Solfa Tokyo October 10 2019
DJing under lockdown with Rocksteady Disco's Peter Croce.


#StayHomeDisco Donnell Knox House Mix Vol 1
DJing under lockdown with Detroit Techno and House legend Donnell Knox aka D-Knox.


Emmaculate - A 5 Mag Mix 91
Chicago House DJ and producer Emmaculate takes the wheel for the latest 5 Mag Mix.


15 Years of Dirt Crew - A 5 Mag Mix vol 90
Marking 15 marvelous years of breaking records from your favorite deep house artists, Dirt Crew Recordings founder Break 3000 plunders the DC back catalog for a new 5 Mag Mix.


Soela - a 5 Mag Mix 89
Soela brings a vinyl-only DJ mix for this week's 5 Mag Mix, ahead of our profile in the latest issue.


thatmanmonkz - a 5 Mag Mix 88
Shadeleaf Music owner and disciple of the groove, Scott Moncrieff aka thatmanmonkz takes control of this week's 5 Mag Mix.


Matt Masters - a 5 Mag Mix 87
If you don't know Matt Masters' name, you know his work. After 15 years mostly behind the scenes at Freerange, he's stepping out with a gorgeous new album Never Ending Nights that was in the making for nearly as many years. And here is some more of his work as Matt takes over this week's 5 Mag Mix.


Marshall Applewhite - A 5 Mag Mix 86
If EDM is drug music, Marshall Applewhite is the anti-drug. This is the Detroit producer, DJ and Junted label owner's 5 Mag Mix.


The Revenge - The 5 Mag Cover Mix
5 Mag issue 175 cover mix from Graeme Clark, aka The Revenge and half of 6th Borough Project.


Jimpster - A 5 Mag Mix vol 84
Deep house savant Jimpster takes over our 5 Mag Mix series this week with a brand new, exclusive mix.


Natasha Kitty Katt - A 5 Mag Disco Mix 83
Some are born for music, but Natasha Kitty Katt was born for disco. Listen to her new 5 Mag Mix.


Benji Candelario - A 5 Mag Mix 79
Ripped out of the pages of the new issue of 5 Mag: NYC house legend Benji Candelario takes the wheel for our latest 5 Mag Mix. Benji Candelario is a veteran of the New York clubbing scene, an OG that has graced the decks of almost every major club imaginable, including residencies at Studio 54 and Ministry in London. He's had numerous productions since the mid-1990s, releasing on iconic labels such as Nervous, King Street and Dope Wax and within the next few months he'll be putting out more music on Nervous Records.


DJ Rocca - A 5 Mag Mix vol 78
Up next in our 5 Mag Mix series: DJ Rocca, Italian sensation and a man for whom the phrase genre-defying was made for. DJ Rocca just dropped a classic track with Dimitri from Paris, Ero Disco Theme, and releases his full length album ISOLE on Nang at the end of June 2019.


DJ Meme - A 5 Mag Mix vol 77
Legendary Brazilian DJ, producer and disco luminary DJ Meme is no stranger to 5 Mag. Having graced our cover and our pages many times over, we thought to have him back after a lengthy absence. Recently releasing his own remix of 1979's DANCER by the don that is Gino Soccio, he is still very much in the game of showing how you do disco right. Here is an exclusive mix from DJ Meme - one hour of disco heat for this gorgeous holiday weekend.


Cz's Boogie Episode 23
New episode of Cz's Boogie podcast from 5 Mag, featuring house music news and gossip and 10 favorite tracks from 5 Mag's editor in chief Czarina Mirani.


Station H is LIVE from the Brighton Music Conference 2019
Will Sumsuch and the freewheeling, uncensored Station H podcast return to the Brighton Music Conference 2019 with special guests Richard Earnshaw, Harold Heath, Massi Deeka and Nick Titchener.


Manuel Tur - A 5 Mag Mix vol 76
There is an underlying honesty to music made and played by Manuel Tur. On his own productions it comes through as breathtaking simplicity, a clean and deeply compelling approach to making deep house music. By aesthetic this sort of music belongs on Freerange, so we shouldn't be too surprised that Manuel Tur would make something of a home for himself (and for his side project Clavis) on Jimpster's acclaimed deep house imprint. His latest - Organic Reach EP - drops in early April and marks his first solo release on the label in five years. It also shouldn't surprise us to find his studio habits spilling over into his DJ style. A Manuel Tur set is about music selection over effects - as on his original productions, his style is characterized as 'clear and straight-forward without tons of tricks. Both at the studio and the club, an EQ is still the most powerful tool we have.'


Melodymann - A 5 Mag Mix vol 75
Belgian label Melodymathics first came to our attention with a mix of eclectic records on wax ? a strange 10 inch series featuring artists like Demuir, Terrence Parker, Dan Curtin, Gari Romalis, Alex Agore and Melodymann himself. These 10 inch records, some 12 inch records and digital tracks have since become a fixture in 5 Mag's review section and the sets of discriminating DJs worldwide. Melodymathics is run by Melodymann in tandem with Sabina Baert, and we're pleased to premiere his new 5 Mag Mix.


DJ Moppy - A 5 Mag Mix vol 74
Ridin' with Chicago/Detroit DJ and producer DJ Moppy for the latest 5 Mag Mix.


Cz's Boogie Episode 22
New episode of Cz's Boogie podcast from 5 Mag, featuring house music news and gossip and 10 favorite tracks from 5 Mag's editor in chief Czarina Mirani.

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