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#StayHomeDisco with Redux: Love Freedom Synchronicity
Chicago DJ tandem Redux has put together a special mix "reflective of the current state but with a message of love," featuring spoken words from James Baldwin, Malcolm X, President Obama, Nelson Mandela and others.


#StayHomeDisco with Shmoo @ Oops, Too Soon (April 30 2020)
Chicago house healing from DJ Shmoo in a new DJ mix.


#StayHomeDisco with Jorge C.
A new mix from a DJ and producer whose sound we've long admired, Chile's Jorge C.


#StayHomeDisco Luna City Express Disco Club House Session (Vinyl Only)
Norman Weber and Marco Resmann are Luna City Express, a Berlin-based DJ and production duo with a combined 40 years of experience. DJing separately since the 1990s, Norman and Marco as Luna City Express have played multiple times at Circo Loco at Ibiza's DC10. Their latest release is the Delight EP, released by Phil Weeks' Robsoul Recordings, which you can listen to and pick up everywhere right now.


#StayHomeDisco with Carlos Nilmmns
New mix from Carlos Nilmmns, whose name has become synonymous with an eclectic but often deep and sensual sound influenced by the best traditions of Chicago and Detroit. In the past he's released music on some of the best-of-breed labels in the world including Circus Company, Cocoon, Ornaments, KMS, Planet E and Dopewax.


#StayHomeDisco with Gene Farris
We need some Chicago energy in this room and Gene Farris delivers. The Chicago house legend is back with his first 5 Mag mix in almost five years and a new release, So Dope, for Yousef's Circus Recordings.


#StayHomeDisco with Jus Tadi
Deep house DJ and producer and Closer To Truth recording artist Jus Tadi mixes a new #StayHome set for 5 Mag.


#StayHomeDisco with Miles Ellis
An Arizona native with an uncanny affinity for the classic deep house sound of the '90s (the good part), Miles Ellis is on the spot with a new #StayHomeDisco DJ set. Miles Ellis' The Pier EP is one of the best discoveries of the young year, particularly his tribute to Mr. Chandler called 'For Kerri.' As a DJ and promoter in Arizona, Miles also played a key role in founding the UFF parties to further promote the house and techno sound in Arizona.


#StayHomeDisco with Taktix (Closer To Truth)
You know Taktix even if you don't. It's David Nicol, founder of Closer To Truth, Hustler Trax and who works alongside Alex Agore on Moment of Truth. These labels are straight fire and have showcased or outright introduced a great number of tremendous talents to the scene as well as featuring new productions from industry veterans like Javonntte, Danny J Lewis and Alex Agore.


#StayHomeDisco with Kraak and Smaak
Established in 2005, Dutch crew Kraak & Smaak consist of production trio Oscar de Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug. Last October they released their sixth studio album, Pleasure Centre which set out the ambitious goal of 'fusing classic 70's and 80's yacht rock, dream pop, and indie influences in with their signature electronic funk sound.' Enjoy the mix!


#StayHomeDisco with Andrew Pololos
A shot of disco adrenaline to your heart with this new mix from Montreal's Andrew Pololos.


#StayHomeDisco with Fabrice Lig
#StayHome with a DJ mix from acclaimed Belgian techno DJ and producer Fabrice Lig.


#StayHomeDisco with Pitto
#StayHome tonight with a new DJ set from DJ and Heist Recordings recording artist Pitto. 5 Mag covered Pitto's first EP on Detroit Swindle's imprint Heist Recordings and he's back again with a new release called Baila Baila, out today.


#StayHomeDisco with Kaspar
#StayHome and make your own disco tonight with a mix from Lisbon's DJ Kaspar.


#StayHomeDisco Baltimore Chop April 2020 Mix
Emerging Russian deep house producer Baltimore Chop is back on 5 Mag with an irresistible new mix for our #StayHomeDisco series. First, a correction: I wrote a year ago that despite the name, Baltimore Chop (like most Europeans) had probably never played baseball. He quickly corrected me: he is a huge fan and was even an accomplished player in the Under 16 field, and has the receipts to prove it. Baltimore Chop has released records on a bunch of labels that have been the tip of the spear of the emerging Russian scene, including Sub_Urban, his own PRGVSK as well as Minor Notes and Hustler Trax. His latest cut is You and The Sea, out April 3 on PRGVSK.


#StayHomeDisco Eddie Niguel April 2020 Mix
Singapore's finest Eddie Niguel joins in for the first of several mixes from the Integrity Records family for our #StayHomeDisco series. Eddie is the founder of Integrity, a label profiled by Will Sumsuch in 2019 for 5 Mag (relevant to the world today, there was some harrowing talk back then about the effect of the SARS outbreak on Singapore's club scene). He's released music on Get Physical, Dig Deeper and Midnight Shift. Integrity's latest release is the outstanding The Pier EP by Miles Ellis, out now and available from bandcamp.


#StayHomeDisco with Jason Patrick
#StayHome today with some Midwest Techno by Jason Patrick. The Detroit native and Chicago resident is a DJ, producer and label manager for Klectik Records, he's been a resident at Spybar and one of the best techno producers in the Midwest (and that means in America). He's released music on Kevin Saunderson's KMS, Gynoid Audio, Northern Parallels and Spades as well as DJ Hyperactive's 4 Track Recordings. His latest release is with Hyperactive on 4 Track, called Inflextion and it was released last Friday, April 10; you can listen or pick it up right now on vinyl or digital on


#StayHomeDisco Mateo Makams April 2020 Mix
#StayHome today with the deep sounds of emerging South African artist Mateo Makams.


#StayHomeDisco with Clive From Accounts
The mysterious cubicle dweller named Clive From Accounts is working from home these days, and is out with a new EP on Outplay and a new StayHomeDisco DJ mix for 5 Mag.


#StayHomeDisco Oliver Way March 2020 Techno Electro Mix
Face-melting techno and electro DJ mix from Oliver Way, co-founder of EPM and half of the Detroit Grand Pubahs.


#StayHomeDisco Adham Zahran April 2020 Mix
Egyptian deep house DJ and producer Adham Zahran goes by the aka Relic & Rarity and is next up in 5 Mag's #StayHomeDisco DJ mix series.


#StayHomeDisco Clavis April 2020 Mix
Make your own disco at home with a new mix from Manuel Tur and Adrian Hoffman as CLAVIS. Clavis is the production tandem made up of Manuel Tur and Adrian Hoffmann (aka Urban Absolutes). High school friends, they released their first joint EP on Freerange in 2015, and return to Jimpster's label where it began with the mindblowing Wirefire EP to be released this April 24.


#StayHomeDisco - Aniche: Funtimes for 5 Mag Mix
Stay Home tonight with an exclusive new DJ set from Aniche.


#StayHomeDisco Sol Power All-Stars - Live at Catharsis on the Mall 2019
Stay Home with this live set from DC-based DJ and production duo Sol Power All-Stars.


Cz's Boogie Episode 24
Listen to records with 5 Mag editor in chief Czarina Mirani on Cz's Boogie podcast, featuring house music news and gossip and 10 tracks from all genres.


#StayHomeDisco Honeydripper April 2020 Mix
DJing under lockdown with Canadian deep house producer Honeydripper.


#StayHomeDisco with FSQ
Stay home with the marvelous music of funk collective FSQ in an exclusive new #StayHomeDisco mix.


#StayHomeDisco Euhu March 2020 Mix
DJing under lockdown with slinky disco from Chicago DJ and producer Euhu.


#StayHomeDisco Hifi Sean Dublab mix
DJing under lockdown with a mix from the amazing Hifi Sean.

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