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Alien Sex Fiend
Official Site
Alien Sex Fiend Images
Five black-and-white pictures of Mr. and/or Mrs. Fiend.
Architect?s Eye
Italian solo artist featuring tracks with blurred borders and optimum decay.
Attrition Homepage
Official site.
Autumnblaze Lyrics
Lyrics from all their albums at Darklyrics.
Avenged Sevenfold
Official site.
Official site.
Official site.
Corpus Delicti France
Official site.
Dead Can Dance Official Web Site
Official site.
Death In June
Official site.
DeMone, Gitane
Official site.
Doom Patrol
Gothic rock duo from Cleveland, Ohio.
Dreadful Shadows
Official site.
Alternative, electronic, experimental band from Canada. For fans of ambient industrial gothic music.
Fields of the Nephilim
Official site.
Fred?s Official Dark Music Sites Index
Official links to al lot of gothic artists.
Official site.
Human Drama
Official site.
Goth gangstas from the U.K.
Killing Miranda
U.K. goth rock from the teenage vampires.
Lisa Gerrard
Official site.
Living With Demons
Offers news and information about the band. Also features pictures, reviews, and more.
London After Midnight
Official site.
Machine in the Garden, The
Rare photographs, audio files, video clips, news, lyrics, and merchandise.
Mission World Information Service
Official site.
Moon Seven Times, The
The official source of news, images, discography, bio, etc.
Featuring gothic industrial music and art.
Order of the Dying Knights
Darkwave electro pop incorporating classic synthesizer, orchestral, and ethnic sounds with haunting voices and disturbing, but thoughtful lyrics.
Realm of Tristania
Official site.
Official site.
Secret Secret
Darkwave blues from two Cornish witches.
Seraphim Shock
Band bio, reviews, pics, and more.
Shadow Dance, The
From Finland.
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Siouxsie and the Banshees site.
Sisters of Mercy
Official site.
Swedish rock?n?roll with an evil and gothic touch.
Vampire Beach Babes
Pioneers of the gothic surf movement.
Xymox (Clan of)
Official site.