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B-movie festival near Chicago. - Home
Gothic events, clubs and music
Bat?s Day in the Fun Park
Event where tons of goths gather at Disneyland.
Castle Party
A gothic festival in Europe.
Chiller Theatre
Horror toys, models, and films, held in New Jersey in the spring.
Cinema Wasteland
Horror memorabilia in Ohio.
Dark Arts Festival
Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Dark Shadows Festival
For fans of the TV series. Held every year in New York or LA.
Eccentrik Festival
Goth music festival in Raleigh, North Carolina on October first. Bands include Voltaire, Bella Morte, and The Last Dance.
Festival of the Dead
A Halloween ball in Salem.
Gerardmer Festival of Fantastic Arts
A horror fest in France.
Horrorfind Weekend
Held in Baltimore, Maryland in.
HP Lovecraft Film Festival
This takes place in October in Portland, Oregon
Comprehensive United Kingdom events calendar.
Scream Fest LA
Event in Los Angeles.
Horror film festival held in Los Angeles in October.
Terra Gotha
A goth music festival in southwest Holland.
Twilight Tales
Weekly horror readings at a pub in Chicago, IL.
Wave Gotik Treffen
June 2003 in Leipzig, Germany.
Promotes dark experimental music ranging from dark folk to industrial noise