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Music Shops (Cds, etc.)

Decadent Designs
Custom made Gothic & fetish clothing for women.
Sells primarily gothic, industrial, and EBM vinyl online.
Middle Pillar Distribution
Gothic, ambient, magick, industrial, and esoteric titles.
Music Non Stop
CDs and DVDs of electro, industrial, EBM, gothic, and darkwave music.
Resurrection Records
Record label and mailorder specializing in gothic and industrial CDs. Based in London.
Storming Distribution
Industrial, synthpop, power noise, EBM, techno, electronic, gothic CDs, t-shirts and magazines for sale by mailorder and wholesale.
Tesco Distribution
Offers industrial, noise, power electronics, dark ambient, neofolk and experimental releases.
UnSpun Records
Specializing in gothic, industrial, electronic, darkwave and synthpop releases, magazines and related merchandise.
Waerloga Records
Record label and mailorder focusing on dark ritualistic medieval music.