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Black Channel
Radio show also broadcast through RealAudio, presenting the world of wave, gothic, industrial, dark techno, electro, ritual, experimental, ambient, and avangarde.
Elektro Pony
An electro-industrial radio webcast via RealAudio from Boston University?s student radio station, WTBU. Broadcast live, online and off on Friday nights/Saturday mornings from midnite-2 AM.
Lestat?s 120 Minutes of Gothic Music
Show featuring the latest gothic music from Europe and America, along with time honored classics. Aired on Saturday/Sundays midnight-2:00a.m. PST on SDSU?s KCR.
Lestat?s 120 Minutes of Gothic Music
Gothic music station.
Second Shifters
A darker themed online radio station that is up and running 24/7. Second Shifters caters to the creatures of the night and the culture that surrounds them.