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Alt.Gothic Web Ring
Contains approximately 12 sites.
Alt.Gothic.Fashion eBay Web Ring
Consists of eBay "About Me" pages containing Goth related auctions. Contains approximately 38 sites.;action=list
Alt.Gothic.Fashion Web Ring
Contains approximately 80 sites.
Anathema Ring
Gothic web ring containing approximately 4 sites.
Blessed Be Vampiric Nuptuals
Allowing the Super Natural to bond with others of their ability, to make an eternal "LOCK" together.
Blood Rose Forest
Forum for mortal vampires, blood suckers and their artistic creations. Role play as well for Anne Rice?s the Vampire Chronicles and original plots.
Caliginous Thoughts
Message board in a journal style, with images of the participants.
Cathedral Of Darkness
Challenges the stereotypes of society about goth culture. List of members and message board.
Chatalot - Vampire Garden
This room is based on characters created by Anne Rice. A place where Vampires can meet and talk, roleplay and characters of all kinds exist together.
Club Gothique
Mailing list and file sharing group for those looking for a relationship.
Colorado Gothic Web Ring
Contains approximately 5 sites.
Dark Girls Unite
Gothic web ring containing approximately 59 sites.
Dark Recesses of the Mind
Here gothic personalities can meet people, chat, share dark poetry and stories, promote bands, exchange pictures, MP3s, files, and everything else.
Dark Sanctuary Web Ring
Contains approximately 68 sites.
Darkboy?s Gothic Friends Forum
A friendly forum where Goths and others can hang out and discuss their common interests.
Darkwave Club Listings
E-mail service to keep members informed on industrial and gothic events in NY, NJ, PA, DC and MD.
Dark_Visions? chatroom
Free Java chat that does not require registration.
Digital Darkness
With chat, forums, profiles, darkmail, links, and other ways to meet and interact with the dark community of the web.
Witchcraft, poetry, fan fiction, art, advice, and music sections. Also contact information and links.
Forum dedicated to LeLand?s City Club.
LeLand City Club is a popular gothic/industrial night club located in downtown Detroit, MI.
Goth Abundance
Group for plus sized goth girls to share thoughts and meet.
Goth By Nature
Gothic-themed discussions in various topics, to name a view: religion, politics, the "Hall Of Shame", paranormal, recipes, pets, music, relationships, fashion, movies.
Goth Vampire Freaks Bulletin Board
Dedicated to dark discussion.
Gothex Gothic Banner Exchange
Dedicated banner traffic exchange for Gothic, punk, tattoo, piercing, alterna, fetish, and related sites.
Gothic Asylum
Web ring containing approximately 56 sites.
Gothic City
Club for honest people to meet honest people. Offers message posting and file sharing.
Gothic Crypt
Web ring containing approximately 40 sites.
Gothic Nite
Web ring containing approximately 62 sites.
Gothic Personals
A personal ad service for Goths looking for friendship or more, available to all members of the Gothic/alternative community.
Gothically Elegant Web Ring
Contains approximately 65 sites.
Gothic web ring containing approximately 12 sites.
Grave Matters Ring of Distinction
Gothic web ring containing approximately 23 sites.;action=list
Lilith?s Lair
Forums for dark artists, real vampires, and vampire fans. Chat about the seductive vampire and share your fantasies in the Vamp Erotica Forum. A place to find donors, ask questions, share knowledge and make new friends.
Mailing list and file sharing for the Michigan area.
Mourning Souls
Gothic web ring containing approximately 56 sites.;action=list
Murder of Ravens, A
A mailing list for Florida netgoths.
Interact via chat and forums.
Nightmare Cult Forum
A Dark forum, with goth, dark, death, poetry, music and erotica discussion. Everyone is welcome.
Nocturnal Visions and Underground Discussion
A lively public message forum where all varieties of vampirism are discussed openly and earnestly. All are welcome, but we do encourage true wisdom seekers, and those with wisdom to share.
A forum discussing local music events, topics, and issues related to gothic and industrial in NYC (and nearby regions in the tri-state area).
Mailing list for goths who are a size 14 and over.
Realm of Lost Souls
Gothic, horror, paranormal, and occult chat and role-play.
Reno Gothic Message Board
Message board dealing with the gothic community and goings-on in Northern Nevada.
Ring of Beautiful Darkness
Gothic web ring containing approximately 5 sites.
Ring of Dark Delights
Gothic web ring containing approximately 14 sites.
Rose Noir Mailing List
Online forum and event listings for Houston goths.
Sarasvati?s Sanguinarian and Psi Support Board
General vampire chat and links.
Soul Refuge
Discussion forum for writers of dark poetry.
Gothic web ring containing approximately 110 sites.;action=list
Swirling Mists of Darkness
Web ring consisting of vampire, Goth, and generally dark sites. Contains approximately 29 sites.
The Coven Organization
Discussion board dedicated to the preservation of the vampire community.
The DarkAngels Network
Message boards, a link library, DJ resources, online personals, and picture rating systems.
The Dungeon of the Damned
Portal for Goths and others who live alternative lifestyles. Message boards, chats, photo albums, guestbook, and other sections.
The Gothic Gathering
Designed to be a hang out spot for goth/vamps, and others for expression without persecution. If there are any questions about the "gothic" lifestyle the people will tell you their oppinions.
This is Corrosion
Broadcasting, bands, releases and forums for gothic industrial music.
Twilight Reflections
This community is a haven for Goths and other alternative types.
Under Gothic Wings
International gothic forum in English language. All goths and interested people are welcome.
Vampire Forum
For people who have a fasciation with vampires, whether it be the myth and folklore aspect, or vampires from the silver screen.
Vampyre Magazine Forums
Forum for a variety of chat.