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Active Bass
Products include basses, pick-ups, amplifiers, recordings, software, and videos.
Aguilar Amplifiers
Makers of handmade bass amps.
Aiken Amplification
Manufacturer of tube guitar amps and attenuaters. In-depth technical database.
Images and information on their various styles of bass guitars.
Bass guitars, amps, and accessories accessible through this site.
Aria USA
Find a variety of bass guitars and other stringed instruments. Product, sound room, and warranty information is also provided.
Baja Tech Custom
Analog effects pedals, amplification and parts. International shipping.
Bass Alone
Offering the finest basses, bass amps, and cabinets available.
Bass Centre
Retailer of bass guitars, amps and accessories. Products, repairs, news, and links.
Bass Emporium
Basses, amplification, electronics, cables, and publications. Also offers repair services. Includes calendar of events, purchasing information, specials and lesson information.
Bass Northwest
A large selection of new and used bass equipment. Exotic and rare bass guitars and accessories can also be found.
Bass Pro Tips
Instruction books and videos by bass player Sergio Mottura. Also carries bass strings and Mottura?s CDs.
Custom made guitar electronic, based on the Gibson Varitone switch. Includes specifications, installation guide, and ordering instructions.
Offers a large collection of extreme and black metal vinyl and CDs.
Blueberry Hill Bass
Custom bass guitars. Dealer for Benavente, Eshenbaugh, Lull, Nordstrand, Roscoe, and others. Includes instrument details, ordering information, policies, and contact details.
Retailers of high-end and exotic basses and bass-related items.
Buy DJ Vinyl Online
One of UK?s leading supplier of DJ vinyl. Thousands of vinyl and white label records titles available from a extensive DJ music catalogue. Record store is updated on a daily basis with the latest dj vinyl and white labels and features a listening facility
Carvin Guitars
Guitars, basses, accessories, and amplifiers. Includes product catalog, wallpapers, discussion boards, and product reviews.
Catacombs Licensed Band Merch
Licensed rock shirts and authentic music collectibles and memorabilia.
Catalina Guitars
Online shop for electric guitar parts, including body blanks, necks, pickups, and tuner machine heads; also sell amps, effects pedals, and accessories. [Arizona, US]
Club Bass
Specializing in bass guitars and accessories. Includes product details, prices, ordering information, specials and stock list.
Cornford Amplification
UK maker of valve guitar amplifiers. Includes sound samples [requires Flash 5].
Crate Amps
Company background information and product overviews, as well as a dealer list, and a support section containing FAQs, and downloadable manuals. Also features a list of users and the gear they selected.
Danelectro Guitars
Guitars, basses, amps, effects, strings, and other accessories are available.
Demeter Amplification
Products listed by category and includes: pro audio, guitar, bass, and accessories sections with detailed specifications and cabinet descriptions. Company history and contact information are also available as well as an artist list.
Online source for exclusive Graffiti & DJ style clothing and artwork. Including customized shirts, hats and other Items
Online metal mailorder from Holland. Black, death, doom, heavy, thrash, power metal and darkwave, DVDs, LPs, Vinyl, Shirts, Band merchandise, T-shirts, Longsleeves, Hooded sweaters.
Dr Z Amplifiers
Professional quality amps with sound clips and reviews. - Band Merchandise and CD?s
Rock T-Shirts, Hoodies, CD?s, DVD?s, Stickers and other items from your favorite bands.
EBTM - Band T Shirts, Merchandise and Fashion
THE ONLINE MUSIC MERCHANDISE STORE. Metal ? Indie ? Rock ? Punk ? Cult ...
Eden Electronics
Bass amplification products.
Electrosonic Amplifiers
Builds custom all-tube guitar amplifiers. Information about products and services to musicians.
Elrick Bass Guitars
Bass guitars in a various colors are available. Notes, reviews, links, and contact information is also provided.
Euphonic Audio
High end bass cabinets and combo amps.
F Bass
Product information, dealers of bass guitars, pricing, and contact information is included.
Fender Musical Instruments
Guitars, basses, parts, and accessories. A dealer locator and internal search are also provided.
Fernandes Bass Guitars
A catalog, news, information on artists, and images of their bass guitars are provided.
Flat Stone Amplifiers
Manufactures custom, hand-built tube guitar amplifiers. Includes specifications, company history, and contact details.
Bass cabinets, heads, combos, and accessories.
Garnet Guitar Amplifiers
Facts, photos, specs and details of Garnet amps, as well as a serial number registry.
genXgear - Officially Licensed Merchandise
genXgear carries a full range of METAL Shirts. All Metal!. Check out our site for a full list of Shirts, band shirts, band t shirt, black metal merchandise, ...[br]
George L?s
Shopping for cables, strings, acoustic guitar pickups, and steel guitar accessories.
Microfiber cleaning cloths for all musical instruments.
Gorilla Snot
For a better grip. Snot, picks and T-Shirts.
Guitar Effects
Online shopping for pedals, pedal boards and accessories.
Offers a selection of effects for electric and bass players, and cables designed for acoustic players (without pre-amps).
Heavy Metal Merchandise - Heavy Metal CD?s - Chicago
RIVAL, a Chicago-based heavy metal band. ... All Rights Reserved. Have a question or need help with the site? contact the webmaster. Heavy Metal Band Chicago.[br]
Heavy Metal Music Store, death metal merchandise, death metal ...
heavy metal music store, heavy metal clothes, death metal shirt, heavy metal shirt, death metal merchandise, death metal clothing, death metal cds, ...[br]
Highly Strung
Mail-order service for guitar strings, guitar accessories, guitar books and videos.
Hiwatt Amplification
Model and tech information, catalog, and dealers.
Hoffman Amplifiers
Tube amp parts, tube amplifier building supplies, books/videos about tube amps.
Hughes and Kettner
Product specifications and detailed descriptions, as well as an image gallery. Also features an artist list, dealer information, and downloadable user manuals. Available in English and Dutch.
Kendrick Amplifiers
Manufacturer of tube amps, guitars, and related accessories. Parts, repairs and restoration of vintage tube amps. Site features a demo room with MP3 clips, a company history section, and ordering information.
KR Musical Products
Offer recreations of legendary vintage effects pedals incorporating the authentic circuitry with vintage style components. Specifications and online sales.
Guitar and bass amplifiers, as well as P.A. systems, stage monitors, microphones, and speakers.
L.R. Baggs
Manufacturer of advanced pickups and electronics for guitar and other stringed instruments. Includes product details, manuals, and reviews.
Landing Guitars Home Page
Information and images on bass guitars, pricing, and client?s comments are also available.
UK manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers. [requires Flash]
DJ and Audiovisual equipment products.
Line 6
Digital guitar amps and equipment.
Luthier?s Access Group
Custom bass guitars made by a selection of luthiers. Also available; amplifiers and used instruments. Includes product list, purchasing information, events and contact details.
Marshall Amplification
Product images and specifications, information on ?rock kits? as well as free instructional material and desktop themes. Also contains a player feedback section, handbooks for download, and an archive of past products.
Marshall Arts
User-maintained site including information on past and current Marshall amplifiers, speaker cabinets and accessories. User-submitted photos of Marshall equipment and FAQs.
Offer details of their line of analog effect units; includes specifications, audio samples, and reviews. Option to buy online, and a dealer listing.
Mesa Boogie
Manufacturers located in Petaluma, California. Features a tour through the construction process, a dealer list, and a new product release section.
Metal - Band T Shirts, Merchandise and Fashion
Metal T Shirts from ?11.95 including Free Delivery. Band T Shirts, Clothing, Accessories and Posters from bands like Motorhead, Metallica, Pantera, ...[br]
Metal for the Masses
Licensed merchandise for metal bands, including T-shirts, bandannas, patches, and flags.[br]
Metal Hammer - Heavy Metal Merchandise
Click here to shop for Metal Hammer merchandise ? Bravado - Metal Hammer merchandise. Send to friend - Bookmark Page - Print Page ...[br]
Metal Hammer - Heavy Metal Merchandise
Metal Hammer Cover. Home ? News ? Forum ? Gigs ? Spanish Inquisition ? Metal Hammer TV ? Magazine ? Blog ? Bands ? Shop ? Subscribe now ? Back Issues ...[br]
Metal Masters - Merchandise - Show Catalog
Metal Masters TV - Music News with CD and Concert Reviews - Heavy Metal Music Television ... METAL MASTERS MERCHANDISE:: ...[br]
Metaltronix Amplifiers
Information on Metaltronix amplifiers including manuals, settings, schematics, history, ads, and message board.
Mobius Megatar
View unusual bass guitars. Provides accessories and a newsletter.
Music Gifts : : Shop Over 30 Million Unique Gifts
Huge shopping & selling portal.
Option 5
Offer hand-built guitar effects boxes, tubes, speakers and cables. Online shopping, product details, and dealer network.
Pedal Pad
Stair-step design pedal board. Secures guitar effects pedals and conceals the cords. Includes information about the company, product details, and contact details.
Online store for pedal boards, power cables, and power adapters. Includes discussion forums.
PESSIMIST T-Shirts: Death Metal Band Official Merchandise
PESSIMIST Brutal Death Metal Band Official site: Death Metal/Black Metal Bands Links.[br]
Planet Bass
Denver company offering bass guitars, amps and accessories.
Plexi Palace
Vintage guitar amplifier sales and service. Apple Valley, California.

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