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4tune Records
European label featuring bands such as The Gathering, FreshFabrik, and Agresion.
Absolute Hell Productions
Black Metal label runned by Larenuf of Tangorodrim.
Aftermath Music
Norwegian record label, site includes band and release news as well as their own e-zine.
Avantgarde Music
Italian black metal record label featuring such bands as Ancient Wisdom and Dark Sanctuary.
Barbarian Wrath
Black metal record label based in Canada.
Beowolf Productions
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania-based distribution company.
Black Mark
Hard rock label with mailorder service.
Iowa based metal label. Artists include Aftershock and Detachment. Newsletter, live chat, band pages, tour dates.
Brainticket Records
Texasbased record label featuring Mandragora, Sorcerer, and Datura.
Candlelight Records
Black metal label based in the UK.
Century Media
Contains catalog with online ordering, pictures, audio and video clips, tour dates and latest news.
Chavis Records
Independent American label carrying bands such as Cry Havoc and Legacy. Site includes news, upcoming shows, MP3s, photos, and releases.
Cogumelo Records
Brazilian label specialized in heavy, thrash and black metal, hardcore and punk. Roster includes Sepultura, Overdose, Sarcófago, Eminence, Siegrid Ingrid, and Vulcano.
Dark Lord Productions
US black metal distribution label that carries rare demos and videos.
Dark Symphonies
Underground retail mailorder/record label specializing in the dark wave, ambient and black metal music genres.
Dark Valley Records
Dark pagan label features bands such as Cradle of Filth, Type O Negative, Bloodstained Dusk, Fragile Frost, and Deadwait.
Dark Vision Productions
Extreme doom/death metal label. Home of Hierophant and Catacombs.
Dead Alive Records
Extreme metal label featuring Victims, Dragnet, and Annihilation. News, mail order, and tour dates.
Diehard Music Worldwide
Scandinavia?s most progressive and innovative record companies, specializing in metal, hardcore, and punk.
Discorporate Music
Death metal mavens Dichotic, speed metal freaks Civil Carnage and mystigrinders Cephalectomy scorch the musical landscape on Discorporate Music.
Earache Records
Hardcore label with artists such as Napalm Death, Adrenalin Junkies, Pitch Shifter, Morbid Angel and Godflesh. Mailing list, artist biographies, merchandise, tour dates.
Eclipse Records Corporation
Independent record company since 1995. Specializing in anything loud.
Ecocentric Records
Independent grindcore label based in Germany.
Flood The Earth
US label, official distributor for US doom metal cult Aphotic. Mp3s and mail order catalog.
Full Moon Productions
Official site of the underground black metal record label. Provides message boards, catalog, interviews, and an online order form.
Galy Records
Canadian label carrying DBC, Howling Syn, and Ghoulnatics.
God is Myth Records
Underground record label that specializes in releasing demos of black, death and doom metal bands.
Immense Storms Production
German label. Home of Malus and Somnium Mortuum.
Independent Sickness
Home of Yeast Infection, Festering Puke, Dismembered Fetus, Adnauseam, and The Porch Monkeys. Release information, reviews and links.
Inside Out Music America
Prestigious progressive label featuring bands like OSI, Evergrey, Symphony X, and The Flower Kings.
Intolerant Records
Black Metal label home to Funeral Winds, Faustian Funeral, and Ancientblood.
Karma Records Group
Site contains information about signed artists, biographies, and merchandise.
Karma Records Group
Site contains information about signed artists, biographies, and merchandise.
Lost Disciple Records
Underground record label and distribution of death metal, black metal and grindcore CDs. Home of Pessimist, Noctuary, Burial, and Pandemia. Secure online ordering.
Martyr Music Group Inc
Worldwide record label for heavy music of all kinds. Totally independent and proud of it. Broken Hope, Em Sinfonia and Novembers Doom reside here.
Massacre Records
Specializing in death and black metal.
Melancholia Records
French indie label specializing in atmospheric black metal.
Metal Blade Records
Metal Blade Records is the world?s most prominent independent heavy metal record label. Started in a garage almost 20 years ago. MBR?s has spawned bands as: Metallica, Slayer, Gwar, and Goo Goo Dolls among others.
Middle Finger Promotions
Label featuring Hellacaust, Angelkill, Wishmaster and other dark metal bands.
Midhir Records
Extreme metal label and mailorder service based in Northern Ireland. Deals in dark and challenging extreme music.
Monster Records
Home of the Monster Records label and our artists Winterhawk, Slauter Xstroyes, Truth and Janey, Full Moon, and Amulet. Also includes a catalog of new and used records and compact discs in an online store.
Napalm Records
Independent label featuring underground gothic metal. Includes sound, bios, album of the month, and news.
Nightmare Records
Specializing in melodic metal abandoned by the majors from the late 80?s and early 90?s. Melodic/Progress/Power from the unknown to the famous available online.
Noise Records
Cutting edge metal music news, MP3s, audio and video clips, and ordering information.
Noise Records
Home of all types of hard music, such as heavy metal, thrash, underground, cutting edge etc.
Noise-Squatch Records
Information on DIY grindcore/gorecore label and distribution.
Northern Silence Productions
Black Metal label from Germany.
Nuclear Blast Records
Metal label with the right focus on all different types of extreme weird metal; online mailorder, latest news,and artists features.
Osmose Productions
Extreme metal label carrying such bands as Thornspawn, Seth, and Anorexia Nervosa
Pavement Music
Metal record label with offices in the United States and Europe. Current roster includes a.o. Kreator, Sodom, and Malevolent Creation.
Peaceville Records
UK underground label featuring metal bands such as My Dying Bride and Katatonia.
Pitch Black Records
Independent heavy metal label from Cyprus
Pith Records
Melbourne based indie record label. Production, distribution and promotion for local heavy metal bands. Forum, mp3s, downloads, gig reviews and band profiles for artists such as Innocent Cabbage and Nale Asylum.
Pluto Records
Specializing in indie hardcore, punk, and metal bands.
Power Play Records
New York label. Artists include 220 Volt, Damien and Further Lo.
Prolapse Records
Grindcore and death metal label and distro.
Heavy metal music and comics label. Feature band is MX
Razorback Records
Splatter, horror, and grindcore label featuring releases from bands like The County Medical Examiners, Birdflesh, Lord Gore, Ghoul, and others.
Rebel Knight Records
Record label of the band Red Terrier.
Redrum Records
Brutal Underground Death Metal Label from NYDM Coalition President and Mortician Vocalist Will Rahmer.
Reflections Records
Underground metal label featuring Black Widows and Striking Distance. Site also contains a related magazine.
Relapse Records
Also home to Release Entertainment. These black-clad bongsmiths release hardcore grindcore, death metal, noise, experimental, and other extreme music. Artists include Neurosis, Brutal Truth, Amorphis, Trial of the Bow, Amber Asylum, Merzbow, Abscess, Mind
Retribute Records
Record label and free MP3s for bands such as Visceral Bleeding and Gilla Bruja.
Retrospect Records
Huge hard rock/metal/AOR re-issue label.
Retrowrek Records
Rock label carrying band like Electric Gypsies and Atomic Rooster.
Root Of All Evil Records
Minnesota label specializing in extreme metal. Includes catalog, audio samples, and weekly radio show.
Root Of All Evil Records
Minnesota label specializing in extreme metal. Includes catalog, audio samples, and weekly radio show.
Christian Hard Rock / Metal Indie label.
Sevared Records
Label featuring only death metal bands such as Disinterment, Disfigured, and RASP. Site includes a magazine and extensive catalog.
Solistitium Records
German label founded in 1994, concentrating on black metal. Mailorder service available.
Sonic Age
Releases the classics and new age of the genre. Worldwide distribution and online store.
Sound Pollution Records
Metal label with Uncurbed and Hellnation. Contains news, merchandise, and tour dates.
Sound Riot Records
Portuguese melodic and extreme metal label. Home of Requiem, Svartsyn, Gaia Epicus, VII Gates, Madog, Vicious, and Grand Alchemist.
Southern Lord Recordings
Releases heavy doom metal from bands like Probot, Place of Skulls, WarHorse, Goatsnake, Church of Misery, and others.
Spare Change Records
An independent record label and distribution company. Label roster includes Torn Asunder, End-Time Illusion, When The Deadbolt Breaks, and The Acacia Strain.
Steel Gallery Records
Heavy metal record label from Greece. Site includes store, photos, band biographies, a members? club, and catalog.
Still Dead Productions
Death metal label. Artists include Equinox, Molested Senses, Burning Inside and Brutality.
Swarm Theory Music
Canadian indie record label specializing in heavy music - metal, heavy rock, prog metal.
The End Records
Metal label based in Pasadena CA, USA.
The Music Cartel
Hardcore label. Artists include Goliath, Roachpower, Deride, and Sea of Green. Catalog, tour dates, audio clips, and online store.

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