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The New Cool: Highlighting a 'Quarantine' music festival Saturday
Quarantine Comes Alive ? a streaming, online music festival ? will benefit more than 60 musical combos and several philanthropic groups in an all-day event Saturday, May 30. The New Cool will highlight several modern jazz acts featured in the festival on KNKX that afternoon.


All Blues presents a virtual event with Stephanie Anne Johnson
All Blues presents a free, livestreamed event with blues/roots singer/songwriter Stephanie Anne Johnson on Friday, June 5, at 7 p.m., hosted by John Kessler. Stephanie Anne will play a few tunes and chat with John, and they'll take your questions. RSVP here to watch and join the conversation on Zoom, or stream on Facebook.


The New Cool: Revisiting pianist Alex Monfort
Paris-based pianist and composer Alex Monfort recently reminded me that it's been two years since the release of his excellent trio album Introspection . A little over a year ago, Monfort made his Seattle debut at Tula's. Hear Monfort on The New Cool Saturday, and listen close for a chance to win a copy of the CD .


The New Cool: New grooves for an endless night from Seattle's New Triumph
Seattle's The New Triumph released their third album, Night Trip , this week. Like last week's release of the latest from Polyrhythmics, and so many more musicians, the band is hustling to make the best of presenting new music to an isolated world.


The New Cool: Polyrhythmics present new music for a quarantined planet
It can take several months to make an album, from writing to recording, mastering and all the other behind-the-scenes details. Of all the luck, the new Polyrhythmics album release date, May 8, finally rolled around in the middle of a nationwide pandemic shut down. Now what?


Jazz trailblazer Toshiko Akiyoshi gets her due
For Jazz Appreciation Month, Robin Lloyd salutes pianist, composer, and arranger Toshiko Akiyoshi. As a musician she is a trailblazer on the piano, in the jazz genre in her 64 year career, she has experienced many firsts.


How jazz won the 'Cool' War
We live in a world of super-powers competing for global influence. Beyond military victory and economic dominance, they also compete for our hearts and minds, often deploying artists as ambassadors.


The wit and sophistication of Cole Porter, father of the jazz standard
One of the great American songwriters of the last century, still gets plenty of exposure by some of todays? great singers. Paige Hansen shines a light on Cole Porter.


Abdullah Ibrahim shares a world of emotions with his piano
South African Jazz pianist and Composer, Abdullah Ibrahim was named the National Endowment of the Arts Jazz Master last year. Carl Pogue takes a closer look at the artist, his life and music.


Masters of rhythm: Honoring the greats of Latin Jazz
For Jazz Appreciation Month, Robin Lloyd focuses on three influential Latin Jazz musicians and composers who shaped their creative talents to lead others in new directions as bandleaders.


Thelonious Monk achieved mainstream success with his unconventional style
One of the most idiosyncratic musicians in jazz, Thelonious Monk is also one of the most popular. KNKX jazz host Abe Beeson is a big fan, but he?s been wondering: just what is it that makes Monk?s music so cool?


One of KNKX's own honors three of America's great jazz radio DJs
Dick Stein takes a look back at American radio jazz hosts who helped us discover some of the world?s best jazz talent. Part of our Jazz Appreciation series.


There was one world before Jaco Pastorius, and another after. He forever changed electric bass.
Once in a generation, a musician comes along whose individual innovations are so dramatic they fundamentally change the function and perception of their instrument. For electric bass, that person was Jaco Pastorius. John Kessler has the story, part of our Jazz Appreciation series.


The New Cool: Snarky Puppy returns to the stage...two years ago
Livestreaming jazz performances continue to help, in mostly small ways, musicians make ends meet while unable to perform for live audiences. To get an audience these days, you have to go back in time. Snarky Puppy's March 2, 2018, concert at the SF Jazz Center in San Francisco will stream worldwide this Friday at 5 p.m.


The New Cool: Tim Kennedy beams brightly on his new homemade album
It's not easy keeping up with the many musical pursuits of Tim Kennedy. The Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer isn't letting pandemic conditions slow him down, either. He's just released TK Special Trio featuring Home Team , created and produced at his place.


The New Cool: Ray Larsen raises his voice to fill the air
Fans of the modern jazz trio Tyrant Lizard know Ray Larsen as the owner of a beautiful trumpet sound and a love of American melodies and the tradition of musical improvisation. His new album continues to ignore musical category, while embracing the new designation as singer/songwriter.


Jazz Caliente: Jazz Appreciation Month begins with birthday celebrations
April is Jazz Appreciation Month, and we'll join the festivities on Jazz Caliente this Saturday by celebrating some Latin jazz artists' birthdays.


The New Cool: Dylan Hayes presents his Electric Band
You can hear a current of youthful energy flowing through everything Dylan Hayes plays. His newly released Songs for Rooms and People with his Electric Band really turns up the juice.


Jazz Caliente: Remembering the 'Complete Percussionist' Ray Mantilla
Percussion master and beloved bandleader Ray Mantilla died on March 21. He was 85.


The New Cool: Support your local musicians Friday, and every day
There are myriad ways to support musicians during this extended period of shuttered bars and jazz clubs. All day this Friday, the online musician hub is rallying their worldwide community to put much needed money directly into artists' pockets.

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