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Electric Requiem
Greek forum with boards for general discussion, reviews, bands, musicians and other related topics.
Hardcore Music/Emo Music/heavy music/Metal Music/Screamo ain?t ...
Hardcore Music/Emo Music/Metal Music/Punk Music/Blog, Shows, Bands, ... punk rock bands, photo albums, member profiles, message boards, community website.[br]
jane/metal forum
Small heavy metal forum.
Metal/Punk message board.
Chat room for metal fans, also features news and upcoming shows submitted by users.
A message board dedicated to power metal.
Queer Metal Militia
This is an email list-serve for gays involved or interested in extreme Metal music, scenes and subculture.
The Gauntlet
Metal forum with lots of topics.
Ultimate Metal - Metal Music message boards
Metal forum.
Welcome to LegendaryTones v3.0!
Reviews and articles to help people out with information about tone.
World Metal Alliance
Metal forum with sections on the music, politics and visual arts.