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Audio Battles, Text Battles, Tournaments, 1000+ Active members. Earn respect and cash, or stop by to drop a freestyle on our unique recording/streaming audio system.
#1 Site 2 Rock Da Mic
da name says it all. come n battle some of da hottest emcee?s on da web.
-Rap Battle NZ-
Come on in and check out this rap battle site. Audio section now up and about to have a text comp. + i still need some MOD?s to help me out so come apply for a MOD spot today. Great Site come on in and check it out!!!
Team up with Dutch and US artists. UrbanLive! is the new Dutch website for Urban Entertainment. Check out what?s going on in Amsterdam. How?s Rotterdam doing? Check out our international artists and meet up with talent from across the globe. UrbanLive!: A
..Flow Factor..
Illest board on the net...
411 Hype
Hip Hop message board, close to 3000 members and still growing.
All HiPHoP 2 RnB
A great new hiphop forum where you can discuss your favourite artists, or just hang out. Help this young forum get on its feet.
Art of Beatboxing community
For those who demonstrate making beats with their mouth. There?s a section for emcees and general discussions aswell.
Blaze Battle
Come peep the site, register, drop a rhyme, and stay active. We got audio and text tourneys underway...waiting for more members. Text battle, audio battle, poetry, lounge, cypha.
Brother Hood Of Wolvez
Its A Tight Rap board
Cocoa Lounge
The Cocoa Lounge is a semi-elite message board for the mature African American poster.With topics ranging from entertainment to politics, The Cocoa Lounge will fulfill all your online community needs.
Da Freestyle Basement
Brand New freestyle battleboard-tight avatars, good layout, tourny comin soon, & you can even play black jack! Register 2day!
Da New Evolution
This site has ILL graphics and it wasa really tuff site to make with alot of hardwork put into it. The board has Battles, Tourneys, Writtens and Keys, Audios everythig u can think of.
Our site is a local DFW Dallas Underground website about the underground music community.
DJ Connection
Forums cater to hip hop, R&B and Reggae DJs.
DJREADYCEE.COM Forums :: Index
DJREADYCEE.COM Forums :: The Ready Cee Show is New York City radio?s answer to the overflow of corporate influenced pop-rap that has infected mainstream radio today. This is the Hiphop listener?s refug
emcee university
illestbattles.....illl,audios....if ur lookin for record labels.....[br /] or vetcees.......hotemcees..remcommended site..........
Express How You Feel Lyrically, Poetically & Verbally. Win REAL Prizes From Tournaments. Gte Ranked On Our Exculsive Custom Ranking System!
Looking for some competition? holds a monthly text tourney, Text and Audio battles everyday, a Topical Text League, Monthly Audio tourneys, Monthly Beat Tourneys, Poetry Contests and Graphic Contests are all on the way! Besides that, we ke
Evolutionary Emceez
Hott new site with audio download from commercial to underground (Join if you wanna share ya shit) Also tourney?s, news n rumors and battles. Join 2 Evolve!
Battle forums and all the latest hip hop news battle Forums
Flowdoctors is one of the hottest new sites around up to the min info on the latest main and under artist audio and text tournys with top of the line prizes
Cool message board. Lots of topics.
Goldmic is the leading hip-hop battle site. It is the only battle site of its kind, with over 13,000 members from 35 countries.
Grimeyera dot com
Ah Freestyle Rap Battle Message Board Where Emcees & Members Rap & Discuss hiphop,and other fun ish.
Hip Hop Warfair
Soon to be tha illest forum on tha net. Features Live Chatroom, Non-Stop Online Radio, Endless Battles, Feestyles for days, Cash Tournaments, Cash Prizes, fresh hiphop news and much more.
Hip Hop Holla
Online hip hop community for artist, dancers, breakers, ... all welcome,
We are a hip-hop board dedicated to have Scrypt-the 6th element of hip-hop, known to the public!
Underground Hip Hop Promotion.
Lyric Lounge
Lyric Lounge - A site that features crews, tourneys and emcees lookin? for battles.
Lyrical Assault Battle Site
A Rap Battle site with audio and text battling and a strong community feel, non battlers welcome
Lyrical Crusade
Rap battle board, one of the fastest growning around. Free beats. Rap battle videos. Text & Audio Battles. Poetry and more.
Murdered By Words
A Hip-hop discussion and battle site.
Rap Haven - Message Boards
Rap Haven is a website messageboard joint. We are connected with 3 other websites to ensure that we continue to get as many members as possible.
Rap Leagues - Underground Hip-Hop Community
Rap message boards. Rap Leagues is a rap forum with hip-hop discussions, emcee battles, freestyles, and poetry.
Rap Music Forum - Discuss All Things Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B
Rap Music Forums - Discuss All Things Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B.
Rap Capital
Battle board with various section.
Rap CityZ
We have 1 of the best forum on the net. Come here to Post your Rhymes, or talk about other people rhymes.
Rap Nation
An active rap forum that hosts emcee battles, and has a number of audio forums for sharing beats and tracks.
RapArena Forums
Rap Battles Tourney, Emcee Battles , News , Graphic Tourney , And Rap Chat Talk About Whats Goin On , A Great Place For Emcees
Join one of the fastest growing hip-hop communities online. Features include text battles, audio battles, freestyles, and CASH prize tournaments! - Enter the realism where hiphop musik lives
You aint as ill as you think you are.. enter tha internet premire freestyling forum where only the strong emcee?s survive in either text or audio battles. Also hiphop music news, articles, history, rappers real names, album review, general discussion, con
Rapsearch Hangout
Our own community! Earn cash in tourneys, join our leagues and just enjoy hiphop. We are online since 99 and will never die!
Big community with many sections to talk about hiphop related topics
An advanced rhyme/discussion board for battling, tournaments and everything involving hip-hop
Urban based music site, with a whole heap of battle related stuff, battle league and tournies hosted, prizes given.
join tha illest battle board ever[br /]
Tha HitMen is a group of eMCees that are more creative than rappers in the industry.
The Slapshack - Entertainment Community
Online resource for all Hip-Hop/Rap/RNB Producers & Artists. Site includes exclusive beats, monthly showcase of Artists/Producers, a community forum & much more.
The Board of Legend
If your looking for hip hop/rap board then this is the place. Come on in and bring your skillz with you...
The Legion of Doom Club
Club for artists; Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy, Timbaland, Playa, Magoo, Nicole, and Lil?Mo.
Tupac Shakur, Hip-Hop message board, forums includes Tupac talk & news, Outlawz & battle boards plus much more.
Tupac-Online Forums
A discussion forum dedicated to rappers 2Pac and the Outlawz.
Universal Emcee
Text Battles, Open Mic Forum, Audio Forum, Poetry Forum, Battle Leagues, Hip Hop Disscution, & More
For Vets, Newbie?s and the Illest Emcee?s from all over the globe. Forums~Battles~Tourneys~Hip Hop~Rap~Freestyle~Keystyle~Poetry~Rhymes~Lyrics~Open Mic Artists Pages~Underground CD?s~Audio~Hip Hop News & more.
Big community with all sorts of boards to chat and compete
Warcloud - Home
Warcloud - A messageboard that discusses all the various topics related to hip-hop culture.
Welcome to Life Or Death Entertainment Online
Welcome to Life Or Death Entertainment Online. A site that offers text battles, beats, music uploads, music downloads, tracks for sale, news, events and more. NYC-founded. - Hip Hop Heads :: Hip Hop Heads: A community based Hip Hop forum for Hip Hop Heads... based in the UK and used Worldwide.