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History and photographs of the art form developed on the New York City subway. Focusing on the graffiti crews of the 1970s, 1980s, and present day. How to Breakdance
Hip-hop breakdance moves with video clips and descriptions.
Art in Cities
Collects the urban art of cities. Watch a map refresh with images of original and stencil graffiti from around the world.
Information on the form of hip-hop dancing which is popularly known as breaking.
Complete hip-hop and rap music culture resource site featuring graffiti artists, breakers, MCs, a hip-hop timeline, and turtablists crews with album reviews and links to indie labels.
Barcelona Graffiti
Celebrating the art found on the streets of the city.
Offers music and video clips, photos, interviews, crewlists, and event information.
Information on urban and street styles of dance with articles, reviews, links, and video.
Featuring urban street art from Los Angeles. Includes postering, stencils, and nailing spray cans to poles.
C-ZeR?s B-Boying Page
Moves, pictures, music, articles, and more.
Graffiti Fonts
True type graffiti-based fonts available for download.
Searchable database of pieces on trains from Poland and the world over.
Kirby?s Domain
Breaking page with instructions on how to perform moves.
Main Page - Rap Dictionary
Hand edit dictionary.
Team based in Canada performing combinations of gymnastics, break dancing, martial arts, and stunts.
Non-Stop Dance Team
Performing at events in Southern California.
NYC Breakers
Features basic, step-by-step moves.
Capturing images of graffiti on the trains and walls of Berlin.
Piece by Piece
Documentary that takes a journey into San Francisco?s mysterious graffiti underground.
Christian Rap and Urban Gospel
Prime Loops
Prime Loops Supply Multi-Format Loops & Samples Downloads , Free Music Production Tutorials and monthly Beat-making Competitions.
Rap Music Trivia Contest
Online gaming (not gambling) atmosphere where members participate with each other and compete for cash and other prizes based on their knowledge of their favorite music genre.
Spartanic Rockers
A breakdance crew from Bern, Switzerland.
Street Memes
Documenting stickers, stencils, and posters used to spread a single image around the world.
Collaborative blog for photos of DIY posters, guerilla stickers, home-made stencils, original graffiti art, and so on.
Daily posts of graffiti and tags in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Santiago.
Style Wars
Official site of the original hip-hop culture documentary. Featuring legends of the movement like Min 1, IZ, Mare 139, Duro1, Shy147, and The Rock Steady Crew.
Indonesian street art community and blog.
The Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive
Huge list of hip-hop lyrics.
Visual Orgasm
Strictly dedicated to graffiti only found in Canada, including freights, walls, bombing, and more.