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Go to a more accessible version of AOL Message boards ... R&B, Funk and Soul. R&B, Funk and Soul: From Funk to Soul, discuss the hottest R&B artists here. ...[br]
Choice FM - Number One for Hip Hop and R&B!
Choice FM - Number One for Hip Hop and R&B! ... Please do not post inappropriate comments on the Choice FM Message Board.
Webring and more about soul artists.
Interactive music survey with contests, chatrooms, trivia, music charts, bulletin boards and more.
Kid and Teen Message Boards and Forums
Chat it up at Kidzworld?s message boards and teen forums where the coolest, hippest teens and preteens come to post!
Message Board of Pretty Willie aka P Dub - SoundClick
Welcome to my message board! Also feel free to hit me up on my official page, ... production skills, but their main focus is the Hip-Hop and r&b genre. ...[br]
Message Boards - MP3 music downloads at eMusic
Message Board, Topic, Opened By, Replies, Last Updated. Hip-Hop/R&B ? I have 6 tracks left for the month ? Jew-C, 7, Jul 26 at 10:41 PM EDT ...[br]
R&B Web Community - Free Message Boards
No problem, our boards run independently. To get your FREE Message Board please contact support and provide a ... R&B Web Community - click for flash demo![br]
Soul Music
The Soul Music Webring links quality sites about Soul and Funk. Includes information on Motown and other famous labels, artist biographies, image galleries, sound files, lyrics and more.
Welcome from Vault.com: R&B, Inc. Vault Message Board (Welcome ...
Message board for R&B, your home for information exchange and discussion about R&B.
Yahoo! Message Boards
Yahoo! Message Boards.R&B and Soul.