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Thick Records
Chicago based punk rock label. Home of the Gadjits, Tossers, Arrivals, Haymarket Riot, Calliope, Tom Daily, Commander Venus, Bitchy and Blue Meanies.
TKO Records
Home to releases by Dead End Cruisers, Lower Class Brats, Dropkick Murphys and Anti Heroes.
Todestrieb Records
UK underground black metal label and distro.
Triple Crown Records
News, band information, photo gallery, downloads, and tour dates.
Troubleman Unlimited
A hardcore/emo/screamo/label.
Trustkill Records
Upstate New York hardcore label.
Unique Leader Records Europe: Deathmetal
Home of Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, Decrepit Birth, Pyaemia, Mortal Decay, Necronomicon, Disavowed, and Agiel. Offers free MP3s.
United Edge Records
Heavy metal label with online ordering and media for download. Bands such as Comity, Caligula and Fallout
Unmatched Records
Label and distributor specializing in death metal bands such as Retch.
V.O.D Music
Independent label promoting underground musicians in the Midwest.
Vampire Records
Independent non-profit record label from Australia.
Vinland Winds
Finnish record label and distributor. Affiliate of The Pagan Front and Of Pure Blood Productions.
Releases forward-thinking music. Bands, news, downloads, and contact information.

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