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Fat Wreck Chords
Home to releases by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, NoFX, and Propaghandi. Photographs, MP3s, merchandise, links and tour dates.
Fat Wreck Chords Europe
Information and European tour dates for the roster of Fat bands in 12 European languages.
Located in Berlin, Germany. Focuses in Digital Hardcore.
Fishbowl Records
Punk/Ska label from Santa Barbara, CA.
Foodstamp Records
Home of bands such as Love Kills Love, Mommie?s Friend,Kwik Way, 51-Fifty, Flair and The Portlite. With pictures and MP3s downloads.
Formula 13 Records
Home of Tempe Tramps, Daggers and Gone Bats. Trashy, garage punk rock.
Free Election Records
Minneapolis record label featuring Work of Saws, The Owls, Kid Dakota, Florida, The Ashtray Hearts, Mike Brady and Quillan Roe. With news, artist profiles and show dates.
Go-kart Records
Home for bands such as G.B.H, Buzzcocks, Down by Law, Two Man Advantage and Vision of Disorder. With news, sound clips, mailing list, photo gallery and tour dates.
Official site for the San Diego based label. Site has a discography and gallery of covers.
HairBall8 Records
Specializes in Punk and Psychobilly music. Includes reviews, news, artist pictures, links to mp3 files, and ordering information.
Harry May Record Company
Punk, Oi and Ska music. Famous bands from the 70?s onwards. News, CD releases, collector singles and information. Releases from bands like the 4 Skins, The Business and Angelic Upstarts.
Havoc Records and Distribution
A label from MN that focuses on 7
Hawaiian Express Records
Releases Punk Rock and Ska from Hawaii. Live local bands and visiting band concert information, also included.
Hiljaiset Levyt
Site about the Finnish punk label home to Juggling Jugulars, Jalla Jalla and Terveet Kadet just to name some. [English/Finnish]
Hotspur Records
An indie label featuring post punk power pop bands like Bullyproof and In Harm?s Way and hardcore and straight edge bands like Jaded.
Indecision Records
Record Label home to Faded Grey, Throwdown, Stay Gold, Over My Dead Body, Count Me Out, Unbroken, and Ensign. Features band pages, MP3 downloads, on-line store and news.
Insurgence Records
Canadian anti-fascist and leftist record label, specializing in punk, oi, hardcore and ska music.
Iron Man Records
Birmingham based hardcore and grindcore label, featuring news and press releases for bands such as I.O.D., Less and Antifolk.
K Records
Olympia, Washington based Lo-fi and Punk label. Artists include Built to Spill, The Crabs, Halo Benders, and The Spells. News, radio, tour dates, message boards, audio clips, and online store.
King of Sticks
San Francisco-based punk and indie rock label. Featuring biographies, pictures and MP3s, from bands such as Spackle, Lo Han, Guilt Trip City and Oahu.
Lemniscate Sound
Covering bands like Germbox, Many Series and Quitters.
Limekiln Records
Label for bands such as Metroplex and The English system based in Philadelphia. News, show dates and MP3s downloads.
Livewire Records
Featuring hardcore and straightedge bands such as Eleven Thirty Four, The First Step, John Henry Holiday and Some May Say. With press releases, news, audio and video clips.
Lookout Records
Home to The Donnas, Green Day, Operation Ivy and other San Francisco area bands. Site has the current merchandise catalog, band news and tour dates and a label history.
Lorelie Records
Featuring punk rock bands such as Audiocrush, Good Riddance, The Fire Sermon and Here Kitty Kitty. With tour dates, biographies and MP3s downloads.
Louder Net
Chicago bands MP3s. An MP3 distributor, dealing with punk, alternative and indie bands.
Mecapo Records
Swedish punk label featuring artists like Last Caress, Mistie and Skunk Allstars. News, tour dates, discography, and links.
Middle Class Pig Records
Updated information about the garage punk bands on this German label and tours in Germany and Europe, and the US.
Naked Jain Records
New Red Archives
A San Francisco, USA-based Punk and Hardcore label. Bands include the UK Subs, Anti-Flag, Snap-Her, Reagan Youth, Social Unrest, Jack Killed Jill.
New School Records
Indie Punk label located in Oregon City, USA. Releases from bands like Off the Record, Hospital Food, 800 Octane, Not Long After and 7-10 Split.
Nice and Neat Records
Minneapolis, USA Punk Rock label. Bands include Real Estate Fraud, Sweet J.A.P., and Das Boot.
Nice Guy Records
Punk rock label based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Features artists like Bottom Line, Anchor set, The Fonzarellies, and Travoltas and tour dates.
Nil By Mouth Records
UK based indie label. Bands include Show and Tell, Clone, and Firework.
Nitro Records
The Offspring?s front man, Dexter Holland, started Nitro Records in 1994. Based in Huntington Beach-California, the roster includes The Vandals, A.F.I., Guttermouth, Jughead?s Revenge, and One Hit Wonder.
No Idea Records
Home to band like Less Than Jake, Hot Water Music, The Swarm, Left For Dead and Twelve Hour Turn. Site includes information on tours, new releases, and photographs.
Nova Recordings
Independent record label from Cologne, Germany. Featuring bands such as Yage, No Knife, Nine Days Wonder, Lack, Kaospilot and the Oliver Twist.
On/On Switch
Promotes dynamic punk music. Features bands such as Crimson Sweet, The Piranhas and Radar Secret Service. Includes MP3 downloads and band profiles.
Oneohfive Records
Hardcore/Punk indie label based in New York, USA. Artists include Madeline Ferguson and Misled by Lies. Discography, ordering, and contact details.
Pluto Records
Specializing in indie hardcore, punk, and metal bands.
Poop Fling Records
Home of the fast, old school punk and ska label. Currently has releases for Punching Judy.
Posh Boy Records
Official site. Order direct from Posh Boy with secure online ordering.
Pshaw! Records
Indie label based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Punk Rock Records
Underground, Punk label. Artists include U.S Chaos, Statch, and The Sex Machines. Audio clips, pictures, and guestbook.
Racket Records
English label featuring The Superfly T.N.T.?s and record and poster artwork.
Rat Town Records
Hardcore label and distributor. Featuring photos, merchandise and compilation releases.
Raw Power Records
Home to The Vibrators, Urban Dogs, Rachel Stamp and Waterdog. Site has MP3s, show listings for the bands they support and upcoming releases.
Recess Records
FYP, Quincy Punx, Dwarves, Berzerk, Propagandhi, Pud, Beatnik Termites, Toys That Kill and more bands inhabit this label.
Redder Records
Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore, Punk and rock label from Rochester, New York, USA. Rockets and Bluelights, Kind of like Spitting, Kalpana, and many more to come. Website features news, shop, MP3s, and others.
Revelation Records
Long standing California punk label with impressive roster. News, discography, online ordering, tour information and reviews.
Rip Off Records
Self-acclaimed ?greatest punk label in the world?. Home of the Rip Offs, Registrators, Zodiac Killers.
Roast Records
A Canadian Punk Rock indie label. Home to bands such as No Hands, Champion Alberta and the Last deal. Endorses a broad spectrum of Punk-influenced music.
Robotic Empire
Hardcore/metal/grindcore record label.
Rowboat Records
Featuring bands such as Kut U Up and The After Party, based in Encinitas, CA.
Rube Records
DIY Record Label featuring punk bands with an exaggerated, often pointed, disregard for propriety. Site features label news, MP3s and band pages.
S.O.A. Records
Home to the Italian hardcore and punk rock record label. Site has label news, MP3s and a history (complete with cover gallery) of the label?s releases.
Saint Thomas Records
This label now offers its releases online. Bringing you the best in cutting-edge CDs, vinyl, cassettes, music videos and films. Specializing in Punk, Gothic, Darkwave, Psychedelic and the Golden Age of Silent Film.
Sessions Records
Punk, hardcore and indie rock label located in Northern California. Featuring bands such as Fury 66, Pop Unknown, Missing 23rd, Time Spent Driving and Turnedown.
Sick of Talk Records
12 and 7 inch vinyl release only hardcore punk rock label,located in the high desert of Nevada. Explains the difference between analog and digital recordings.
Sk8Core Records
Independent skate punk label based out of Seattle, WA that is the home of the band Fifty Fifty.
Slab-o-Wax Records
Texas punk rock label specializing mainly in vinyl.
Sleep Recordings
Located in Lancaster, PA with releases for bands such as The Gunshy, show dates and news.
Slow Gun Records
Southern California based label with releases by Over My Dead Body, The Icarus Line, Swindle, Spitfirevolver, The Third Degree and Palpatine.
Sniffing Recording Industries
DIY label from Argentina. Releases from bands like J Church, BlueWaterBoy, Whisper, Againe, Catarsis and E.Inocencia.
Record label based in Kalamazoo, Michigan USA.
Solid State Records
Hardcore label. Bands: Blindside, Embodyment, Extol, Living Sacrifice, Selfmindead, Spitfire, Stretch Arm Strong, Training For Utopia, Warlord and Zao.
Sound Pollution Records
A Kentucky label that specializes in heavy hardcore. Has released records by Hellnation, Krigshot, Pisspoor, G-Anx, and Spazz.
Southern Records
Including discographies, biographies and tour information for many indie and punks bands, as well as a source distributing music from many other punk and indie records labels across the U.S and Europe.
Spank Records
A Liverpool-based independent British company focused on Punk. Profile, artists, live dates, and contact information.
Speed State Records
Worldwide punk/hardcore label based out of Japan.
Stardumb Records
Punk Rock label featuring bands such as Backwood Creatures, the Vindictives, the Apers, the Manges, Retarded and the Nerds. MP3s downloads, online magazine, news and show dates.
Substandard Records
Independent Punk label in the San Francisco East Bay, USA. Features Libertine, Three Summers Gone, and Diabolical Exploits.
Sudden Death Records
DOA?s elder statesman, Joey Kiethley slashes you with his own hardcore punk rock record label.
Taang! Records
selection of punk, oi, ska, glam, hardcore and rockabilly on vinyl, CDs, videos, and T-shirts. Also sell clothing by BenSherman, Merc, Lonsdale and FredPerry.
Undecided Records
Home to releases by Casket Lottery, Boy Sets Fire, As The Sun Sets and Dawn Of Orion.
Unfun Records
A Santa Cruz, CA independent label offering mail-order and distribution. Releases include Under a Dying Sun, Abhorrance, Stalin?s War, and The Taste of Blood.
Vermiform Records
Has released bands like Born Against, Man Is The Bastard, Heroin and Young Pioneers. Site has a catalog, frequently asked questions, merchandise and links.
Victory Records
Home to Integrity, Snapcase, Hatebreed and Grade just to name a few. Site has extensive merchandise catalog, a label discography and information on all the bands on the roster.
Workers Playtime
Established UK based independent label. Specialising mainly in
Your Best Guess
NJ based label featuring hardcore, indie, punk, and emo releases from You and I, Rocky Votolato, Try.Fail.Try, My Favorite Citizen and Situation At 1200. With show dates and MP3s downloads.

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