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Morpheus Records
Label featuring Mad Lion, Lady Red and White Hotel. Includes Flash movies, audio clip, photos, information and competitions.
Mysterious Musik
An independent company working with unsigned artists nationwide. Features also a studio and web design services. Located in Southern USA.
Nuk Ruk
The official site of Nuk Ruk Records and artist affiliates.
NuttyFactory is a UK-based label, home to artists Amen Noir, Jah Mirikles, Nasty, Shonanis, Suga Dzl, and ironic & Gizla.
Ocean Floor Records
San Francisco label representing Abstract Rude and Haiku De?Tat. Includes audio clips, news, photos, and merchandise.
Ocean Records
The website of a northwest hip hop, R&B and comedy label.
Om Records
A record company that hosts such artists as People Under the Stairs, Jboogie, Soulstice, and Ming & FS.
Omegatropolis Recroding Group
Underground hip hop Studio in Northern Virginia.
One Love Enterprise
One Love Enterprise aka A1luvjoint Records is a hip hop label formed in April 1999 in South Florida.
One Rock Records
The official online home of One Rock Records based in Toronto, Canada. Currently representing Monolith, Dan-e-o, IRS & Charisma. Site includes audio/video, bios, photos and more.
Original Records
Original Records is a new independent hiphop, reggae and R&B record label based in Bradenton, Florida. Home of Creasons, and The Hempire Cliq.
Outlaw Recordz
Outlaw Recordz, the official site of the group Outlawz, as well as the record label Outlaw Recordz based in Tarzana, California. Artist biographies, audio & text interviews, audio tracks, photos, and lyrics.
PakPros Entertainment?s official website from Seattle. The home of artists such as Livio, Playa?Lo and Funkdaddy.
Parana Records
The official Parana Records website.
Patchwerk Recordings
The homepage of Patchwerk Recordings
Peanuts and Corn Records
Peanuts and Corn Records is home to artists mcenroe, Pip Skid, John Smith, Gruf the Druid, DJ Hunnicutt, Birdapres, Yy, The Gallivanting Spoof, DJ Moves, fermented reptile, Park-Like Setting, and Farm Fresh.
Perseverance Entertainment Inc.
An independent record label from Brooklyn, NY. Their roster currently contains acts such as Cion, Finale and Jonesy.
Phatstaxx Entertainment
Phatstaxx entertainment is an independent record label from Newark, New Jersey. Some of the artists to signed to the label include Pope Delik, J Stylz, Doh Boi, Black Dizine, and Jun.
Pickle Jar Recordings
UK and Canadian underground hip hop label.
Pitchcontrol music is dedicated to spreading the word from the 518 area code. Nestled in the capital region of NY, pitchcontrol music has a fleet of artists and groups, bound by one love - hip hop. This site features artist profiles, show info, audio, new
Planet Rock Enterprises
Planet Rock Enterprises is a label from Richmond Hill, Ontario. Their artist roster includes names such as Dan-E-O, and Charisma. Their services include concert promotions, music production, and artist management.
Plattform Records
A young label from Stuttgart, coming up with artists as Tragfl?che, Flow Tone, Max Farah, Tune Mob, and others. [in German]
Plug Records
Plug label is about providing exposure for artists with a passion for the roots of hip hop. Home of Kero, Niamaj, and E.brown.
Pocketslinted Entertainment
Pocketslinted Entertainment houses talent such as Rasco, Cali Agents, Aarophat, Brisk One, and Chuck Taylor. This site has bios of all their artists, news, and an online store.
An independent record label / multimedia / entertainment company based in Brooklyn, New York.
Project Blowed Recordings
A legendary west coast underground label which started out from a weekly open mic session in Leimert Park. Artist signed up for Project Blowed are Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Afterlife, Ben Caldwell, Busdriver, Chu, Cipher 7, CVE, Dark Leaf, Freestyle Fell
Protect Ya Neck Records
Protect Ya Neck Records is a New York-based company, spearheaded by John
Puma Strut
A UK-based hiphop-label focusing on the funkier side of hiphop grooves. The site features label & artist bios, previews of upcoming releases, merchandise and news.
Pyraplastic Records UK
A record label from UK.
Q it Up Records
A label from Ontario, Canada, representing artists Sumeet, The Lyricists, Titus, Dub J, Know It All, Broadway, and Supa Dave.
Quannum Projects
Formed in 1997 by the core artists on the label, who exist collectively as Quannum.
Raw Muzik Records
Staff, talent, audio, video, and guestbook.
Redline Productions
Online label dedicated to helping promote, produce, and develop globally underground hip hop artists.
My Space Site
Roc-a-fella Records
Exclusives, events, Rocawear, news, and artist pages.
RPM Records
Includes recording services, MP3 files, news and views.
Ruff Nation Records
Also Ruff World Entertainment. Offers next generation of Hip Hop from the people who brought you Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, and Wyclef.
Seven Heads Entertainment
The official website of Seven Heads Entertainment, the label of J-Live, Unspoken Heard, Lone Catalysts and Mr.Complex.
Shakedown Entertainment
An entertainment company primarily operating as a record label from the city of Toronto.
Shamanwork Recordings
An Atlanta, Georgia -based record label, home to Emanon, MF Doom, Sol Uprising, Ta?Raach, and Wale Oyejide. This site has an article on the history of the label, biographies & discographies on all of their artists, release listings, event & show dates, an
Sideshow Recordings
An experimental Swedish underground label. Home of the hip-hop collective Stacs of stamina - pictures, soundclips, artist profiles and other stuff.
Sitnspin Records
Sitnspin Records is a NYC-based label. The artist roster features names such as Paradigm, DJ Quiet, and Rabbi Darkside. You check out the artist profiles, listen to some audio, read the lyrics to their tracks and more on this site.
Online label with a foundation in Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Techno and other genres. All music on the site is available through download in MP3 format.
Sluggerz Entertainment
Sluggerz Entertainment is a Baltimore-based indie label, dedicated to rap, hip hop, R&B and reggae music.
Smackaya Face Recordings
Smackaya Face is an indie label from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
A London, UK -based label whose artist roster consists of Cappo, C-Mone, Def Tex, DPF, HKB Finn, Lost Island, Mad Doctor X, Quakes, Styly Cee, and UK Cartel. This site has listings of all their releases, artist bios, and some MP3 audio tracks.
Soul Foundation Music
The official website of Soul Foundation Music, a group of artists and producers from the DC, VA, MD metro area.
SoundDaddy Records
An underground label from Huntington Beach, California, with beats provided by AD Ross.
South Park Coalition
South Park Coalition is a label from South Park neighborhood of Houston, TX, sporting talent such as K-Rino, Ganksta Nip, Point Blank, PSK-13, Klondike Kat, A.C. Chill, DBX, Murder One, Greek, K.O., Ruff Eyque, Egypt-E, C-Rock, Rapper K, Texas Tech, Bra
South Psycho Cide Productions
Independent label from San Diego.
South Street Records
An underground UK hip hop label.
Sovereign Records
Sovereign Records is home of the artist C-Dubb.
Split2nd Entertainment
An independent record label featuring talent from Boston area in hiphop, R&B and reggae. They offer full-fledged digital recording studio-, artist management- and development-services.
SpyTech Records
SpyTech Records, founded in December 1999 by Colton
Underground international hip hop with audio, video, news, store, and reviews.
Star Recordings
Star Recordings is an independant label based in NYC. This site features information on artists (Stryke), pictures, media files, and more.
Status Entertainment
Releases music of the genre with focus on Rap and R&B. Profiel, news, artists, and contact.
Steel City Records
An up and coming record label from Pittsburgh, PA.
Stones Throw Records
The home of Jaylib, Madvillain, Yesterdays New Quintet, Wildchild,
Street Legal Entertainment, Inc.
An independent Hip Hop label based in Baltimore, Maryland. Rap/R&B flavor with a street edge.
Street Level Records
The online home to an independent hip hop record label from Seattle. Featured artists include Sarkastik, Dividenz, and Skuntdunanna. Visit this site for artists? profiles, audio samples, a photo gallery, and info on the label itself.
Stuck Under the Needle
Stuck Under the Needle is a label from Seattle, WA, home to artists Sleep, Pale Soul, Snafu, Boom Bap Project, Oldominion, Norman, Field Generals, and JFK.
StyleEfx Productions
A new hip hop / urban music label located in Boston, MA. Featured artists include The Uninvited and Thrilla. Free MP3s available for download.
Suave Smooth Records
Releases Rap and R&B from Denver, Colorado, USA.
Sub Verse Music, Inc.
The NYC record label of Bigg Jus, Micranots, Rubberoom, Scienz of Life and Quannam Projects (Blackalicious, Latryx, et al).
Subtechnics Records
Focuses on urban genres. Looks for new talent and new directions with music. News, artists, downloads, and store.
Sunset Park Entertainment
An independent hip hop and R&B label from Brooklyn, NY.
Survival Sounds Music Group
An internationally distributed record label specializing in both commercial and underground hip hop and urban music. No unsolicited demos please. Contact via email prior to sending your materials.
Syko Rekordz
An indie label from Rhode Island.
Tee Productions
The home of Tee Productions from Norway, the home of artists such as N-Light-N, Diaz, Opaque, Warlocks and Tommy Tee.
Tha Committed
Texas hiphop label. Artists include Classified Individuals, L.B.K. Mafia, and Ghetto Soldiers. Audio and video, artist photos, and links.
The Jathom Family
An independent firm, also offering distribution and consulting. Owned and operated by one of the founders of Rap.
Third Earth Music
Third Earth Music is the label for Ela, Dujeous?, Roosevelt Franklin, Sub-conscious, Science Fiction, The Juggaknots, Jean Grae, Masterminds, Oddjobs, and Pumpkinhead. Click onto this site for artist profiles, sound clips, show dates, and a photo gallery.
Threshold Recordings
Threshold Recordings is a label with artists such as Motion Man, DJ Moe Love, Kool Keith, and KutMasta Kurt. Visit this site for tour dates, photos, video clips, and Threshrec merchandise.
Tonedefsystems music caters to hip hop music and instrumental breaks enthusiasts with an ear out for innovative music. The site offers contact information, audio links and samples, interviews with hip hop artists and deejays and opportunities to collabora
Top Dawg Records
New Orleans record label.
Topshelf Music
Topshelf Music is an up and coming label from Asheville, NC. Home of Brycon and Equal, DJ DQ, Mad Rabbi, Gus McGuillicutty of Ironfist, Chiwahwa, Granpappy, Justin Delate the Mouth of madness and the Smush Factor/y concert/compilation series.
Trilogy Records
An independent underground label promoting the existence of the hip hop culture. Information on artists, mixtapes, events and pictures.
Triple Threat Records
Specializes in the development of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, and Urban artists in New York City and the rest of USA.
Trub-Life Entertainment
Trub-Life is a hip hop label founded by producer / engineer Calvin (Trouble) Jones, who is also a co-owner of Glass Cage Recording and Mystery men Entertainment with R & B producer Jayd. Their artist roster includes names such as Ruste Juxx, Go Go Black

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