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African Music Publishing is an independent global African copyright licensing & copyright administration organization founded in 2008. Purpose is to help African Musicians, Songwriters, Composers, Producers, Poets, and copyright owners to generate more in
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Artist Profiles: El Chocolate
Antonio Núñez Montoya, ‘El Chocolate,’ was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) in May of 1940, but his artistic birth took place in Seville, at the Alameda de Hercules, his cradle and school of singing. The Pavones, Vallejo, El Sevillano, and many others were his teachers and from their living voices he learned the … Continue reading Artist Profiles: El Chocolate

Artist Profiles: El Cabrero
José Domínguez Muñoz, Better known as El Cabrero, was born in Aznalcóllar, Spain on October 19, 1944. El Cabrero means “the goat herder.” He is one of the most important personalities of Flamenco. El Cabrero has been pinpointed as a social phenomenon as a result of his impact on the most diverse of audiences and … Continue reading Artist Profiles: El Cabrero

Enjoyable World Music for Kids
World music for kids is a great way to introduce children to musical diversity and learn about geography and other cultures.  Mainstream media provides a very limited, skewed view of music with only exposure to commercial pop and hip hop. Two recent world music-flavored releases are directed towards kids. Putumayo Kids Presents? Kid’s African Party … Continue reading Enjoyable World Music for Kids

Artist Profiles: Efrén López
Efrén López was born in Manises, Spain in 1972. He is one of the founders of L’Ham de Foc. After collaborating in a wide number of musical projects as a guitarist, he started getting into traditional music. As a session musician he has recorded in more than forty different projects of various musical styles: early … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Efrén López

Artist Profiles: Eduardo Niebla
Spanish, born in Tangiers of Spanish parents from Andalusia on the 29th July 1955, Eduardo is the seventh son in a family of eleven, nearly all of whom are talented artists or musicians. Two of them, his brothers Jose (a painter) and Salvador (a drummer) along with Eduardo, are Internationally acclaimed and respected artists. Niebla’s … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Eduardo Niebla

Artist Profiles: Ea!
?EA!?s individual character may be attributed to the fact that the band grew out of a group of people who made a conscious decision to live a simple life close to nature in the remote regions of the Sierra Nevada ? far from the turbulence of today?s big cities. ?EA!?s sound was born in Las … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Ea!

Artist Profiles: Duquende
Juan Rafael Cortes Santiago, beter known as Duquende, is a talented cantaor born in Sabadell, Spain in 1965. At an early age, he attracted the attention of guitarist Tomatito. Since then, Tomatito took care and polished the style of Duquende and produced Duquende’s first album, together with Juan Carmona (member of the band Ketama). When … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Duquende

Artist Profiles: Domingo Rodriguez ?El Colorao?
Domingo Rodríguez Oramas, nicknamed “El Colorao” was born 1964 in la Vega de Tetir, in the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain). He grew up in a family of musicians that taught him the islands’ folk traditions. In 1985 he traveled to Paris to learn classical guitar with Canary Islander maestro Blas Sánchez. He later … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Domingo Rodriguez “El Colorao”

Artist Profiles: Dolores La Agujeta
Dolores Agujeta is the granddaughter of old Agujetas, an extraordinary flamenco singer that was not a professional performer. He was a blacksmith by trade and a faithful follower of the school of Manuel Torrres, Marrurro, Mojama, Ramirez, Farrabú, Carapiera, among others. It was his son, Manuel de los Santos Pastor “El Agujetas,” who continued and … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Dolores La Agujeta

Artist Profiles: Doa
Doa was formed in Coruña in 1978 by Bernardo Martinez (flute and percussion), Xoan Piñón (guitar, lute and mandolin) and Enrique Ferreira (cello) accompanying Xose Quintas Canella (vocals, zanfona [hurdy gurdy]). Later, additional musicians were added: Miro Casabella (vocals, zither and zanfona), Xaquin Blanco (gaita [bagpipe] and flute) and Carlos Castro (percussion, vibraphone, keyboards) The … Continue reading Artist Profiles: Doa

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